The artist

Born in 1952 in France in Marseille. After my studies in graphic art and audiovisual art in Paris, in 1974 I started a career as a documentary filmmaker, but at the same time I continued my passion for painting. I developed my own style, moving from contemporary abstract to figurative pop art expressionism, then a look back at the street art revolution.

Throughout my experience as a painter, I have perfected my mixed technique of contemporary art. I paint on many different media, developing my personal vision of abstraction and figurative art, using acrylic paints, inks, watercolors and various textures.

… a… today, I mix different modern and classical techniques, pencil, paint, medium and computer graphics in the same work.

My paintings are the subject of a reflection or a feeling before the first sketches. I have to mentally imagine the finished work. My innovative abstraction is in search of an extraordinary refinement that oscillates between binary oppositions: imagination and observation, lucidity and frenzy. She blurs the lines between painting, drawing and writing while preserving a high degree of love for colors.

My paintings are also in a constant state of flux and suggest different things to each of us. My work revolves around the great universal themes of feeling, feeling and envy. My paintings should be a springboard to the imagination. Lines, shapes and color can awaken the conscious mind, whereas the unconscious had imagined it.

If my art interests you, I invite you to visit my gallery and let yourself be charmed by my works and their unique style. All of my paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.